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Lester F. EastmanLESTER F. EASTMAN

425 Phillips Hall
Phone: (607) 255-4369
Fax: (607) 255-4742

B.S. 1953 Cornell University; M.S. 1955 Cornell University; Ph.D. 1957 Cornell University

Since 1965 he has been doing research on compound semiconductor materials, high speed devices, and circuits, and has been active in organizing workshops and conferences on these subjects at Cornell from 1967-2000. Over the years his students and former students have made significant contributions and won national and international prizes by advancing the state of the art of molecular bearn epitaxy and microwave transistors, and optoelectronic devices. He was an exchange faculty member in Sweden in 1960/61, and a researcher at Sarnoff Laboratory in 1964/65. In 1977 he joined other Cornell faculty members in obtaining funding and founded the National Research and Resource Sub Micron Facility at Cornell (now Cornell Nanofabrication Facility). He initiated the Joint Services Electronics Program at Cornell in 1977 and directed it for ten years. During the 1978-1979 year he was on leave at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory.

During the 1985-86 year he worked at IBM Watson Research Laboratory. During 1983 he was the IEEE Electron Device Society National Lecturer. He was a member of the U.S. Government Advisory Group on Electron Devices from 1978-1988, and serves as a consultant for several industries. He has been a Fellow of IEEE since 1969, has been a member of the National Academy of Engineering since 1986, and the Electromagnetics Academy since 1990, and was appointed the John L. Given Foundation Professor of Engineering at Cornell in January 1985. In 1991 he was awarded the Welker Medal and Annual Award of the International Symposium on Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds. He was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Fellowship in 1994, and the Aldert van der Ziel Award in 1995. The IEEE honored him with their 1999 Graduate Teaching Award and Third Millennium Medal 2000. He received the Wisdom Award of Honor, 2000 and has supervised a record 110 Ph.D. theses. In 2001, he was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society. Received the University of Michigan's William Gould Dow Lectureship Award in 2002. The Electron Devices Society has selected him for the 2002 recipient of the IEEE ElectronDevices Society J.J. Ebers Award. Received the Distinguished Educator Award 2003 for IEEE Microwave Theory and Technique Society.

Research Interests and Activities:

Compound semiconductor materials and high frequency high speed devices; molecular beam epitaxy; microwave and millimeter wave transistors and integrated circuits; semiconductor lasers and photodetectors and their integration with transistors.

Selected Publications

1. “Undoped AlGaN/GaN HEMT’s for Microwave Power Application” , Eastman, L.F., Tilak, V., Smart, J., Green, B.M., Chumbes, E.M., Dimitrov, R., Kim, H., Ambacher, O., Weimann, N., Prunty, T., Murphy M., Schaff,W.J., and .J. Shealy, J.R.  IEEE Electron Device Proceedings, 48(3) March 2001

2. "The Effect of Surface Passivation on the Microwave Characteristics of Undoped AlGaN/GaN HEMT's", B. Green, K. Chu, E. Chumbes, J. Smart, J.R. Shealy, and L.F. Eastman, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 21(6), June 2000

3. "Two dimensional electron gases induced by spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization in undoped and doped AlGaN/GaN heterostructures" O. Ambacher, B. Foutz, J. Smart, J.R. Shealy, K. Chu, N. Weimann, M. Murphy, A. Sierakowski, W.J. Schaff, and L.F.Eastman, J. of Applied Physics 8(1), 1 January 2000

4. "Scattering of Electrons at Threading Dislocations in GaN", Nils G. Weimann, L.F. Eastman, J. of Applied Physics, 83 (7), 1 April 1998

5. "Ballistic Transport in Semiconductors at Low Temperatures for Low-Power, High-speed Logic", M.S. Shur and L.F. Eastman, IEEE Trans. EDS, ED-26 (II) 1677-1683, November. 1979

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