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    INCOP PROJECT slides

IRTF and IETF activities:




         Presentation of the Scalability Draft at the ANS-WG meeting in Minneapolis, MN (11/12/03)

         Presentation of the JiST project at the ANS-WG meeting in Minneapolis, MN (11/12/03)

         Presentation at the ANS-WG meeting in San Diego, CA (9/18/03)

         Presentation at the ANS-WG meeting in Annapolis, MD (6/12/03)




Selected Presentations and Talks:

         Keynote speech at MASS'05: "On Some Choices in Design for QoS of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks"

         1st Workshop on Security in Ad-Hoc Networks (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, December 2, 2002) - P. Papadimitratos, "Secure Communication in an Adverse MANET Environment" abstract slides

         NSF PI's Workshop (Washington DC, Jan 21-23, 1999) - Z.J. Haas and B. Liang, "Predictive Distance-based Mobility Management for PCS Networks"

         Slides from SIGCOMM'98 presentation "Query Control Mechanisms for the Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP)"

         MOBIHOC'00 paper "On the Impact of Alternate Path Routing (APR) for Load Balancing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"


Summaries, Reports, and CFPs:

         MASS 2006: Call For Papers

         Report on the use of OPNET in our research

         Working Session on Security in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, EPFL, June 12, 2002 (published in Mobile Computing and Communications Review, vol.6, no.4

         JSAC issue on Ad-Hoc Networks (August 1999) - Call for Papers in postscript and in pdf format

         1997 MILCOM Panel on Ad-Hoc Networks - summary


Technical Committees:


Cornell's Links:


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