Watermark Identification in Rembrandt's Etchings (WIRE) Project Timeline (2015-present)

2015 / WIRE Project begun by Rick Johnson (Cornell) in collaboration with Erik Hinterding (Rijksmuseum) and Andy Weislogel (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art).

2015 / Fall semester student team develops a branch of the decision tree for the foolscap with five-pointed collar and writes software for an interactive interrogatory.

2016 / Spring semester student team expands the decision tree for three more watermark types (Arms of Amsterdam, Eagles, and Basilisk) and curates an exhibition "Recognizing Rembrandt: The Science of Art in Printmaking" on view from May 11 to June 12 at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.

2016 / Rick Johnson and Andy Weislogel present invited closing talk at 60th annual meeting of the Print Council of America: "Computer-Aided Watermark Identification and Moldmate Matching in the Papers of Rembrandt's Etchings".

2016 / The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art makes a multi-year commitment to the completion of the decision tree for identifying watermarks in Rembrandt's prints by subvariant according to Hinterding's taxonomy as a student project that offers to identify watermarks in suitable images from owners of Rembrandt's prints in exchange for permission to add these images to the set of publicly accessible images of the watermarks in Rembrandt's papers.

2016 / Rick Johnson passes the role of coordinator of this project to Andy Weislogel as the project is absorbed into the plans of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.