As a student of a Cornell, I have many opportunities thrown my way. One of those was research at Cornell's Theory Center. I have been interested in graphics for a long time, and took Cornell's graphics course last semester ( CS417/418). After thoroghly enjoying the course I asked Bruce Land if I could do some research in graphics. We got together and after some brain storming decided that modeling would be the best place to start, since viewing the models would be easy with Data Explorer.

Fractals always seemed to fascinate me so I decided to model fractal landscapes. The project was designed to be simple enough to finish in one semester, with out too much work, fortunately I got carried away.


Beyond giving me more experience in graphics and programming this research should (hopefully) have some pratical usage in the upcomming CS418 class. Last year many students did landscape "fly-throughs" for their final project. However, due to the lack of data-sets available most of the animations looked the same. With the help of fractal landscapes however . . .

Cornell Theory Center