My name is Pemith Randima Fernando, but Randy works just fine because it's easier to remember.   I am a sophomore at Cornell University and I'm majoring in Computer Science.  At this point, you are probably wondering what on earth there could possibly be on this page to interest you.  Well, I shall offer what I can.  Most of the links work, so I invite you to try them. Some of the more interesting ones are the Java Slot Machine and the Projects link. I am trying to get hold of pictures to put in the first three links (that's why they are still under construction).   I hope you enjoy your time here.   Thanks for visiting!

(By the way... like most people, I love to get mail, so if you'd like to, please e-mail me at prf3@cornell.edu.)

Exciting things to see (please pick something!):

up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)About Me         up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)Friends At Cornell         up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)Friends From High School

up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)Hobbies and Interests         up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)Portfolio (pretty pictures)

up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)My CS 490 Independent Research Project

up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)My Java Slot Machine (slightly addictive entertainment)

up_buttn.gif (961 bytes)My Resumé & Other Employment-Related Stuff

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