ECE 4760 | Final Project


the Self-Driving Toy Car

Erik Halberg (esh64 at cornell dot edu)

Crystal Lu (csl84 at cornell dot edu)


"A car that can track its own location and calculate the direction and distance needed to get to a final destination given by user inputs."

Elevator Pitch

For our final project, we built a self-driving car that takes in inputs for a final destination and drives itself from its initial location to the final destination. The idea for this final project requires an LCD to display the location that the car is already at and allows a user to input coordinates for where he or she would like the car to drive itself to. By using a GPS receiver, the car can track its initial location and use the compass to direct where it should go, constantly updating its GPS location. This idea was chosen because of an interest in GPS and because we both wanted to try something different from our usual lab assignments and something new outside our scope of knowledge.