ECE 4760: Final Project

Virtuoso: A Touchscreen Music App

Press, Blow, Record and Listen!

Hao Sun (

Kaiyu Shen (

"An electronic multi-instrument player on the touchscreen with record/replay and tutorial functions"

In our final project, we designed an electronic multifunction instrument with a LCD touch screen and a microphone. The user can play three kinds of instruments on it -- xylophone, flute and piano. Each instrument has a different interface and timbre. The piano part has a record/replay function which can echo the song previously played on it. In addition, the system has another function to teach the user to play two pieces of songs already stored in the memory.

The LCD touch screen will display these three kinds of instruments -- the keyboard of xylophone and piano and the holes of flute. User just presses on the keyboard to play the music. For the flute, the user need to press on the screen while blowing to the microphone, which simulates a real organ-like instrument. It also has record/replay and teaching functions.

The idea of this project came from some apps on the smart phone. It is very cool and popular to play a virtual instrument on the mobile phone, such as a guitar or a piano. People can take them everywhere and play on it whenever they want. With some knowledge about sound synthesis acquired in the class, we decided to build the electronic multifunction instrument in our project. Meanwhile, this project will also provide ECE4760 course a library for initializing LCD touch screens for reference. It also gives us experience in utilizing a set of devices which is popular in modern devices.

The Electronic Multifunction Instrument