ECE 4760: Final Project

Acoustic Impulse Marker

Adam Wrobel(

Michael Grisanti (


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"A device that tracks sound impluses with a three microphone array"

We designed and build a 2-dimentional Acoustic Impulse Marker system which is capable of detecting a sharp sound anywhere in its vicinity and precisely marking its source vector with a servo based pointer. Our system has a full 360 degree range, and is extremely effective at marking the source of sharp sounds to within 5 degrees of accuracy. We were able to accomplish this using a 3-microphone array and an ATmega1284p microcontroller which detects the acoustic delays between the microphones and calculates the sound’s source vector. The microphone signals are passed through an 8 stage analog system in order to convert them to a binary signal, indicating when each of them is triggered by a sound. Those 3 binary signals are analyzed for their time delays and the microcontroller selects the best 2 microphones to calculate the exact angle in which the sound originated from. The servo motor is then controlled so that it turns a pointer exactly in that direction.

Finished AIM System