ECE 4760: Final Project


A Pitch-based Security System

Sang Min Han (

Alvin Wijaya (

"SingLock's password detection scheme maintains a user's voice signature"

Project Sound Bite

SingLock is a pitch-based security system based on ATMEL MEGA1284P microcontroller featuring two password protection stages: one based on a 4-digit numeric personal identification number inputted via the keypad and another based on two pitches inputted via the microphone.

Most security systems we find today are keypad and/or keyboard-based. Speech, rather than button-pressing and/or typing, is however the main means of communications for most people. It is therefore intuitive to have speech as the basis of encryption when considering human usability factors and ease-of-access. Consequently, we developed SingLock. SingLock's password detection scheme maintains a user's voice signature so that an eavesdropper who knows both the user's personal identification number and the passkey pitch cannot easily unlock the system. SingLock's sound-based security system also does not leave residues, such as heat signatures on a keypad after a button press, that may make the system vulnerable to penetration by outsiders. SingLock hence is relatively more secure than average keypad and/or keyboard-based systems. The minimalist design and the keypad, microphone, and liquid crystal display (LCD) user interface makes the system easy to use for a wide range of users.


SingLock System

SingLock Demonstration.