ECE 4760: Final Project



Christine Soong (

Shela Wang (

"An RC car that is controlled by the remote's tilt angle"

project soundbyte

Our project aims to take the fun of a Wii Remote and translate it to real life. The AccelCar is a remote-controlled car that is controlled by the way that a user tilts the remote, similar to the way Mario Kart Wii is played. The angle of the tilting determines the speed and direction in which the car should move.

The remote control consists of a gyroscope/accelerometer module, which is used to find the angle at which a user is tilting the remote. That information is sent over Bluetooth to the RC car, where those values are used to spin two wheels at the right speed and direction to get the car where it needs to go.

Our motivation for this project was to create a neat toy with unique controls that can be played by people of all ages.



The finished product.