ECE 4760: Final Project

Speech Lock

Your voice is the key! (results may vary)

Jake Streb (

Rishi Sharan (

Robert Lopez (

"A lock that works using the sound of your voice"

We designed and implemented a speaker recognition device that acts as a lock triggered by the sound of your voice saying a specific passcode. The implementation uses hardware filtering from a microphone and many signal processing concepts in software. All software and matching is implemented in the ATmega1284p. The lock has two modes: training and testing. Training mode allows the lock owner to provide voice samples to set the lock, and testing mode is the standard setting in which several users attempt to unlock the lock.

The accuracy of the device is not quite appropriate for a real security system but succeeds in demonstrating functionality. The device executes in real time despite the mathematical complexity underlying the software design and provides the user with feedback on an LCD screen. Results are displayed as value distances from the original speaker’s voice sample, which are compared to a threshold to determine whether the lock is released.


The finished product.