ECE 4760: Final Project

iPicUNIX: The Nix Generation of BSD Laptops

William Abajian (

Cyrus Moradi (

"A laptop with diplay and keyboard capabilites that runs RetroBSD, a UNIX OS"

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For our 4760 final project, we created a miniature laptop called iPicUNIX that runs RetroBSD, a port of BSD. The microcontroller is mounted on the Fubarino SD board. The laptop has a TFT as a 2.8' display and keyboard both enclosed within a 3D printed encasing. There are sample programs that allow the user to execute and edit. RetroBSD allows for a full UNIX environment with a built in C compiler to satiate the user's hacking pleasures. The total development cost is within the $100 threshold.

Our mixed interest in operating systems and firmware encouraged us to create iPicUNIX. We saw this as a unique opportunity to create a product that drew on content that we learned both within this class and beyond its scope. This project allowed us to develop both our hardware and computing skills in an unfamiliar realm of system integration and kernel and driver manipulation.