ECE 4760: Final Projects

Automated Resistor Sorter with GUI

Brian Gross, Nathan Lambert, Alex Parkhurst , ,


"Make Resistors
Sorted Again"

Our project is a resistor sorter that allows users to input multiple resistors, measure their resistance, and sort them into predefined bins or return them to the user. For a video of our sorter, please see our Project Demo.

From the onset, we wanted to make a project that approached a realizable product where users can input multiple resistors and easily have them sorted for them. The project involved coordinating physical hardware with motor controllers and a user interface. We implemented the mechanical hardware via 3D printed polylactic acid (PLA) plastic for low cost and the rapid iteration on designs. To control the physical constructions, a servo, stepper motor, and solenoid are controlled via the PIC32 and drive transistors to allow the resistors to be sorted. Finally, the user interface allows easy and intuitive interaction with the system. These three sections culminate in a design that provides a basis for a potential product providing basic laboratory assistance.

Figure 1: Full System Image

Figure 2: Full System Rendering