EE 476 Final Design Project

by Michael Geiger

The following is a summary of my final project for EE 476 during the Spring 1999 semester. I elected to implement the classic game of SIMON, while adding some additional functionality in the form of separate modes of play and different levels of difficulty. I chose this project because I've always been interested in games and their design, and this is really the first chance I've gotten to look at something like that on such a low level. The game of SIMON is one that's well known and that is fairly simple to implement given the capabilities of the Atmel AT90S4414. Since the classic game most people know is a fairly straightforward one to program, I decided to add additional functionality, such as two modes of play and messages posted on the LCD, so that the project would be a little more difficult and challenging for me and a little more interesting for those who look at it. The documentation below describes the project in two different levels of detail: