Clifford Systems JI1000 Car Alarm System
By Ji Bae and Cliff Lim for EE476, Spring '99

     The design philosophy behind the JI1000 is a simple, yet powerful microcontroller based mobile security system. At the heart of the JI1000 is the Atmel AT90S4414 8-bit RISC microcontroller. We used the 4414 for this design because a microcontroller is well-suited for a security system. The basic control functions for our system include monitoring inputs (such as sensors, push buttons, etc) and controlling output signals (such as sirens, lights, LEDs, etc). These functions are easily implementable in an embedded processor.
     Our design involves a combination of hardware and software. The control functions were programmed in assembly language and downloaded into the FLASH memory on the microcontroller. The hardware consisted of circuitry to run the siren and to simulate the sensors which trigger the alarm. In addition, we designed hardware to provide the necessary power and voltage levels to all the components.

Our design has the following features:

4 Button Input System
Disarm/Arm, Remote Valet, Panic, Program

Remote Controlled Valet Mode
A press of a button will put your JI1000 system in valet mode to allow vehicle servicing or attendant parking. The system audibly confirms remote valet mode exit or entry with a distinct 4 siren chirp signal.

Full-Time Remote Panic with Automatic Door Locking and Unlocking
If you feel threatened, with just a single press, you can remotely activate the siren, flash lights and unlock your vehicle's power door locks for quick entry into your car without fumbling with your keys. If you are driving the vehicle and press the panic button, the siren will sound, the lights will flash and the doors will automatically lock to shield you from the assailant.

Chirp Silencing
Whenever you remotely arm or disarm, the siren "chirps" and the parking lights flash to confirm system status. Whenever you wish, you may silence the chirps via an RS232 interface.

Remote Door Locking/Unlocking
A press of a button on the remote simultaneously arms your JI1000 system and locks your vehicle's power locks. Another press disarms and unlocks the doors.

Deluxe Entry in Valet Mode
Use your remote control to lock and unlock the car doors even while the system is in valet mode.

High-Output Siren
A loud (110 dB) yet compact siren designed exclusively by Radio Shack. For extra visual attention, it includes a built in strobe light.

User-Selectable Siren Duration
You may set the siren wail for either 30 or 60 seconds via RS232 interface.

Enhanced User-Selectable AutoArming
Your JI1000 system will actually arm itself "passively" if you forget to arm it. This feature may qualify you for an insurance discount that could pay for the system (consult your insurance company).

AutoArming Enable/Disable
You may disable or re-enable AutoArming via RS232 interface.

Prior Intrusion Attempt Alert
When you return to your vehicle and disarm your JI1000 system with the remote control, a special chirp and light sequence will audibly and visually alert you from a distance if an intrusion attempt was foiled while you were away.

High-Luminescence LED Status Indicator
Bright red LED adds visual deterrence and identifies system status: armed, disarmed and valet mode.

Multiple Sensor Inputs
Up to 4 inputs to monitor sensors or triggers.

When power to the system is disconnected, the system's EEPROM always remembers the last state (armed, disarmed or valet mode) and returns to that state when power is restored. So if a thief disconnects the power and then restores it in an attempt to start the car, the system will re-arm and instantly sound the siren while immobilizing the vehicle.

User Programmable Interface with RS232 Connection
This allows you to connect your JI1000 system to a PC and configure all user settings such as chirp silencing, siren duration, and auto-arming. This feature includes a user-friendly menu. All user settings are retained in the EEPROM.