Our project designs were met successfully. The functionality of our system met or exceeded our expectations. The main issue in our product is reliability and usability. We thoroughly tested each state and the state transistions against our specifications. The RS232 interface was tested using hyperterm. We tested the EEPROM by powering down and checking the EEPROM setting on power up. During the EEPROM testing, we discovered that the EEPROM was not 100% reliable. We concluded that this is due the strict power stability requirements of the EEPROM and the lack of brown-out protection on the evaluation board. While testing the reset, the EEPROM functioned correctly and we did not experience any problems. Therefore, we attribute our observed difficulties to the irregularities in the power supply when powering down the board. In all other cases, our testing proved that our design goals were met.


     In conclusion, we are fully satisfied with the operation and design of our system. However, if we had more resources, we would have liked to implement an RF TX/RX interface to control our system instead of the 4 hard-wired pushbuttons. This would have given us a more realistic remote-control capability of real-world systems. In addition, we would have liked to implement more advanced user configurable features such as False Alarm Control and Testing, pager notification, anti-code grabbing and scanning technologies, and anti-car jacking measures. Fortunately, our design can be easily modified to accomodate advanced features without significant hardware or software changes. This allows the JI1000 to evolve and change with the user's need.

Clifford Systems JI1000 - The Art of Mobile Security