Proposed Configuration

This is our original intended configuration. The two 4414s with the attached RAM had enough RAM capacity for 2 frames at 2-bit grayscale. The grayscale would be acomplished by alternating frames. Both the buffer chips would only have a very simple interface to the video memory. The separate 4414/8515 would be used to synchronize the two buffer chips and to translate more complex user instructions into the simple instructions the buffer chips can recognize.

With the resouces availible on the third 4414/8515 we thougth about the posibility of specializing it for sprites or hard wiring a character set into it. We also thought about implementing specific graphics instructions such as line drawing or triangle drawing. And at one time (when we were feeling exspecially masochistic) we even threw around the idea of implementing a simple rendering engine. However, since we scarecly had enough resources on the 4414, the feasibility of these enhancements is questionable.

the thing that is not specific from the above diagram is the organization of memory in relation to the display. There are several configurations each with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Our proposed instruction set was fairly ambitious. We might have been able to implement it if we could have thought of a practical way to interface with the buffer/refresher chip. our proposed instructions were: