Sample Sets

These are the sound files we loaded to demo our program. These are not wav files or similar audio format. You can not play these on any but out proprietay device. For loading instructions, see the "Audio Synthesis" page.

To load full sample sets choose a text file from the full sets directory. Copy the entire file and paste to a hyperterminal window. Be sure the baud is set to 19200.

Included sample sets:
American Beauty- Sound Effects from Academy Award Winning Film
Ants Marching- Chord Hits / Snare from famous Dave Matthews Song
Closer- Drum Effects from popular Nine Inch Nails Song
Drum Set 1- Standard Drum set
Drum Set 2- Another Drum set variation, more electronic
G Love Drum Set- Drum Set copied from a G Love Mix
nin drums- Standard TR808 drum synthesis

Each set is composed of 2-4 samples. The individual samples can either be lifted from the files or found in the component samples directory.

All samples are recorded at 8-bits, 22,050Hz, mono. Information is stored in unsigned bytes in ASCII character format. Spaces are carriage returns are used to partition data.