Overall, we were pleased with the final version of BiLines. Our beta-testers reported the game was challenging and addictive. The rotate button seemed to respond a bit slower than the user typically would like, but otherwise the buttons seemed to be pretty responsive.

We came pretty close to running out of program memory - but managed to stay just at the inside edge by making our code a bit more efficient and moving our large arrays into SRAM.

Despite the "blob" on the LCD screen, the LCD more than satisfied our expectations. We worried that because of the low price (only $25), that we would have trouble configuring it and getting it to work. We were thrilled when we managed to have it displaying basic text only a few days after it arrived. We had a rough week when it suddenly stopped working - but that turned out to be a corrupted project and contrast problems. As a result, we soldered the LCD circuit onto a board - always a good idea, because then we did not have to worry about loose wires again.

Also, we were quite thrilled that we managed to integrate the sound option into the game and that we managed to create a primitive two-player version.