You Don't Know What Your Missing!!
Next Time

Looking back at our achievements with "Psychedelic Snake," we have noticed several things which would have been nice to change and expand upon. First, we would have liked to use a MCU with a faster clock and more SRAM (a lot more). This would have allowed us to increase the pixel resolution and dynamic display area significantly. As it was, we were extremely limited by memory to the point that we use every (yes, every) single byte of SRAM on the Mega163. Another cool modification suggested for our design was to make the game code so modular that it could be kept separately on its own flash memory. This would have allowed us to create our own gaming system where various games could be loaded and displayed at will.

Reflection upon our approach also reveals how important it was for us to take the steps we did. Though our progress was sometimes slow due to have to revamp code (such as the transition from black and white to color), this really helped us get to understand NTSC signals. Without the experience with black and white signals, it would have been very difficult to understand and debug problems when we tried to implement color.