You Don't Know What Your Missing!!
This section details the progress of our project from its start to finish.

Objective: To iron out the final bugs and add final features to snake game code
Results: SUCCESS!! Project Completed!! We now have a fully functional, full feature, working version of Snake!!

Objective: Home Stretch: Learn to use c pointers and linked lists.
Results: Not Easy!! Now have great understanding of how lined lists work, but most importantly we have a buggy version of snake. Needs a couple more hours of work

Objective: Crunch Time: Resolve bugs in snake game code.
Results: SRAM updating routines made snake code easy. Debugging is slow process nevertheless. We have etcha-sketch, but not snake yet.

Objective: Following NTSC guidlines and IC datasheets, we conditioned signals to create "nice" waveform...
Results: ... and voila, we have color!! Now we need it to display something useful. Hmmm... snake?

Objective: Attached both AD724 and ELM sync generator to MCU.
Results: The signals are too noisy.

Objective: Hook up AD724 so that we can generate a color signal.
Results: Sync waveform generated is not good enough for a color signal. We need to use an external sync generator, and revamp code. Luckily we just so happen to have one lying around.

Objective: Generate black and white test pattern.
Results: Successfully displayed black and white bars. They even move... oooh!!

Objective: Test fixed code on TV. Try to generate a simple black and white test pattern.
Results: 8MHz clock is not fast enough to generate an accurate sync waveform. Have requested 10MHz.

Objective: Day 1: Formulate approach to attacking project. Understand the NTSC standard, and begin writing code to generate a simple sync waveform.
Results: Have first draft of code, but needs a lot of debugging.