High Level Design

Our HSS inputs are from the keypad while the computer hyperterm is used to simulate the Home Security Computer Consol (HSCC).  When starting the system the LCD prompts the user for initial main security password.  Once entered the user can now have access to all the features described in the overview.

When a alarm is activated and trigged, a message is then displayed on the HSCC.  HSCC also allows display, reseting, and add security codes.  For user ease, when the silent alarm is triggered the upper right hand corner of the LCD displays " zz " and if the audio alarm is triggered then the LCD will display " |( " instead.  If the audio alarm is triggered we have a speaker which will sound at 500Hz.

Each pushbutton also represent any sensor which we may add in the future.  Therefore, once the system is armed then when any pushbutton is pushed the security system is triggered and the corresponding alarm will be activated.