The goal of this project was to design a GPS device capable of outputting directions via interstates to any major city in the continental United States. The device was designed to interface with any GPS receiver capable of outputting NMEA v0183 RMC sentences via RS232 connection. Our motivation behind this project was to create an expandable design capable of using a larger database of cities and connecting roads. The device was programmed with a small database consisting of major cities and connecting interstates. Please see below map of cities and connections included in our database. This database is used to map out directions between any two major cities in the database. This design could easily be expanded and made portable for use in automobiles or other vehicles. This project was intended to demonstrate some ideas that could be used to create a commercially available Global Positioning Device.

Here's us after just completing our project! -- Nitin Gupta (left) and Chris Pelosi (right)