By Anthony Marino and Desmond Lee

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So what's next...

If time was not an issue, several enhancements were likely to be added to the project.  First of all, a larger and more sophisticated liquid crystal display would have been used instead of a standard text LCD.  A larger display would have allowed the display of both dealer and player hands as actual cards, and not merely as numbers and alphabets.  However, the issue of high power consumption would have to be dealt with due to the higher voltages needed to operate a larger LCD, especially in a portable design.  Second of all, a five card draw poker game would have been added to the project code.  This was originally part of the design to create a two in one card came system.  However, as time progressed, it became clear that time would not allow both games to be implemented with full functionality.  The draw poker game would have added to the entertainment value of the game.  The final thing that would have enhanced the project was to reduce the project assembly in size.  After all connections were made, it was clear that a smaller case would have sufficed and could have yielded a pocket-sized device.

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Last updated: 04/29/02.