Here are the top 10 things you can do to survive EE 476 Final Project Month
  1. If you use a chip other than the one you've been using in class all semester, read the documentation thoroughly, subtle differences are going to kill you. It's just a matter of for how long they kill you.
  2. If you feel heat from your board, or smell burning: THERE IS A SHORT. Don't look for the short first. TURN OFF THE POWER!
  3. If the voltages look right, and the wiring looks right, but nothing's happening, it is possible that your chip is fried, don't be afraid to ask for another chip. This would've saved me a week of pain, and a bad hit to morale.
  4. If you're stuck on something, ask Bruce or the TA's. Make a reasonable attempt to solve it yourself, but don't sit there for three hours just because you cannot remember which port of the opamp is correct. Remember, we all look like we're working, so Bruce's spider sense won't kick in. You must call him, he can't call you.
  5. Order parts early. Order duplicates if you can afford it.
  6. If you're going to solder onto a perf board, you don't have to rip apart your breadboard. Just make another copy of the circuit.
  7. You will not finish if you don't start early.
  8. You probably won't finish if you don't take advantage of extended lab hours.
  9. Do what you can do out of lab out of lab.
  10. Seriously, pick a project you'll enjoy. These four weeks can be pain, or the most fulfilling of your Cornell Career.

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