Basically, we ran out of time to make our Cornell Monopoly follow all the rules in the original Monopoly.  The 'simple' game of Monopoly turned out to be a lot more complicated than we thought, with many nitpicky rules. Some functionalities of the game were sacrificed, such as, in our version of Monopoly, the player can buy houses on any property they own at any time (doesn't have to have the whole set), the Chance and Campus Events cards were not implemented, the color bands of the properties were not displayed, and the user interface wasn't as elegant as we had originally planned.

We originally planned the board to look like this (the thin lines are character spaces, used for reference), but ended up with no property patterns and car/question mark/clock tower graphics:

Next Time

Next time, maybe we will get a bigger LCD because the space on this one was really quite limited, thus having to sacrifice a lot of information. We would probably implement all the little detailed rules of Monopoly, such as when unmortgaging property, the player has to pay not only the mortgaged value, but also add on a 10% interest, and only have certain number of houses so that when houses run out, no one can build any more unless someone sells houses back. We could also implement an AI system to play along with the players if more players are desired in the game. We would also have a more elaborate trading system.