Our futile efforts towards developing the WWVB receiver set us back two and a half weeks and cost us in excess of fifty dollars. In the future, we will avoid venturing into unfamiliar territory and stay within the realms of mainstream microcontroller design. We were foolish for even attempting to process an ultralow frequency signal with an amplitude of less than 10uV.

With regards to our latter design, we surprised ourselves by finishing the project on time given that we had less than one and a half weeks to finish a relatively complex project! However, we could have saved hours of debugging had we not used the command 'extern'. Since CodeVision is not an ANSI C compiler, it did some very weird things with 'extern' which alone cost us two valuable days. Aside from that and a few other bugs, our project went relatively smoothly. If we only had more time, then we would have lifted the various restrictions that we placed on the programmer, such as more than 8 ROM files would have been allowed and each file would have been allowed to exceed 4K in size. It would have also been interesting to expand the possible types of target MCU's or add support for EEPROM and lock/fuse bits.