User Interface:

The user's interface consists of a LCD display, push buttons and a voice recognition unit.  The push buttons are used to control the different inputs that the user desires.  Figure 1. shows how the buttons are organized:


We have used the debounce scheme used in the previous labs in order the decode the inputs for the set of buttons as show in Figure 1.

Set Time: - Once in this mode, the user can change using the UP/ DOWN buttons

Set Alarm

12hr/ 24hr


Due to the multiple functions of some of the buttons, we have two state machine one to detect whether PINA is pushed or not.  The second is used to detect which PINA is pushed, i.e. PINA.0, PINA.1 and so on. 

Voice Recognition Unit: VOICE DIRECT 364 Speech Recognition Kit

The voice recognition kit in this project is one of the main components of the clock. Basically, the user has to train the system by recording their voice. When the system is in listening mode, if it detects a word which is the same as the trained one in its memory, it will generate an output which is a 1s duration pulse. This pulse is used to interact with the MCU to perform respective functions. The voice recognition system is capable is memorizing 15 different words. Each of them has its unique output therefore the MCU is capable in distinguishing what word is being said by the user and perform the respective function.

For the voice recognition unit, there are control buttons that tells it to perform various tasks as required by the user.  The functions on the voice recognition unit include Reset, Voice Recognition, Record Voice.  The layout of the push buttons for the voice recognition unit is as show in Figure 2.


For the voice recognition unit, we do not have to do any special programming for the push buttons, the logic kit detects and reads in the push buttons directly without us doing anything to it.