Hardware Design

The hardware we used in the voice recognition alarm clock is as follows:

The 7 of the push buttons is connected to PORTA, which is used to control various modes of the clock.  The other 3 push buttons is connected directly to the voice recognition unit, and is used to control the various modes of operations of it.

One of the speaker is connected to PORTB for sound generation by timer0.  The other speaker is connected directly to the voice recognition unit.

2 LEDs are connected in parallel and in series with a 10k resistor to ensure proper current and voltage going through them, so the LED do not get too much power and destroy it.

LCD display is connected directly to PORTC, as seen in the schematics page.

2-33pf capacitors is used to connect the 8MHz crystal to the AT90S8515 micro-controller.

We build our own prototype unit that is stand alone and can be displayed on a desktop like a normal clock.