Although we have changed the project, we managed to complete the project with less time than other students. The project runs successfully. After we use a 4-frame scheme for accelerometer detection instead of the old two-frame one, the fighter moves smoothly and it is easy to control the fighter whatever way you want. There is no flickering or any hesitation. The whole device should be safe under normal operation, and there should be no interference with other people’s designs. And this device should be ready to use by most people.


Due to the lack of time, there are a lot of features that we would like to add but we do not have time to do so in the end. However, this game is fairly well organized and is ready to be a stand-alone game. About the control device, we wrap it with some electrical tapes and paste a sponge within the tape, so that the accelerometer is resistant to slight accidental vibration or shock.