Program for microcontroller 1 (TV) : mine1.c

Program for microcontroller 2 (Mouse + Games) : mine2.c

Schematic diagram

Parts List

Tasks carried out by each team member

The references that we used are included in the reference section of this report.

Some interesting links about the game:

Minesweeper game is a NP-Complete problem
For those who do not know what it mean:  No one has found a polynomial time algorithm to solve a NP-Complete problem yet. NP-Complete problem is also the hardest problem that a NP problem can ever get. Knowing how to solve one NP-Complete problem will allow us to solve all problems in the NP class.
But, I won the game many times!?
Do you know of a way to win the game ALL the time? No cheating.

High score for the expert level of the Windows' Minesweeper game.