These are the people who have tested the project:

Back row (from left to right): Elaine, Chee Ming
Front row (from left to right): Sean (TA), Professor Land
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The whole system is running perfectly most of the time. There is some occasions that the mouse is not moving smoothly. We think it is due to interference from other projects that emitted electromagnetic wave. We were able to replicate the problem when there are groups with wireless devices are working close to us. We added a switch to one of the port pin to allow manual reset of the mouse. Whenever this switch is pressed, the program will reset the mouse by sending a reset request to the mouse. This scheme is working fine all the time. Whenever there is problem with interference, we only need to press the switch and then we can continue playing the games.

The photos below is our system. mc1 on the STK500 board on the left and mc2 is mounted on the breadboard on the right.

A close-up photo of the boards.

The uc2 on the breadboard

We have included some screenshots in the introduction. Below is a collections of some of the screenshots.

Before the games started

In the middle of the games

Games Over


Player Won.

Apart from the use of 2 microcontrollers instead of 1 as proposed in the proposal, the project has been implemented according to the proposal.

The response of the system is pretty fast. There is a lot of rooms for improvement. The mouse interface codes can be optimized to response quicker.

Minesweeper has been in existence for more than 10 years. The games itself has been tested for so long and we have not heard of any risk associate with playing the games. With our system, the only safety concern is the power supply. Since there is no cover for the system, it is possible to short the power accidentally.

We and some of our classmates have tested the games. Beside the feature of holding two mouse buttons to open up a series of blanks, the rest of the games is implemented like the Minesweeper found in the Windows operating system. It is certainly usable.