Dart Game - Cricket

Oh yes, cricket, the favorite bar and home game to play. It is also the most complex game to design. The Cricket version implemented here is normal cricket. In this game, each player must 'close-out' the 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and Bulls. By close out, it's meant that each player must hit those specified regions 3 times.

If one player has all of one region closed, and the other player does not, the player with the region closed can still hit that region and score points for himself. The purpose of points is that not only does the winner have to have all the regions closed out, he must also have the most number of points. Like 301, each player only throws 3 darts/ round.

For instance, Denny has the 20's closed out, but Chan does not. Denny hits 20 again and scores 20 points for his total. Later in the game Chan closes everything out, but Denny has yet to close out bulls eye. Chan cannot win until he exceeds 20 points. He simply hits the bulls eye for 25 points and wins.

The picture below shows 2 players playing cricket. It is currently round 3. The single hit symbol is "/", meaning that number has been hit once. The 2 hit symbol is "X", and the 3 hit or close out symbol is the funny looking round thing. Player 2 has 16 points from hitting the 16 after he had closed it out. Player 1 has just thrown 2 darts, the last one being a 17. I wonder what he is going to his next?