Dart Game - Drinking Game

The Drinking Game is a new game that was invented for this project. It was based on the suggestions of roommates from previous years.
Disclaimer- The drinking part can be done with water, juice or what ever anyone enjoys to drink when they play darts.

The drinking game is played on a round-by-round basis. Each round a player throws 3 darts. The cumulative score of the dart hit, including double, triple and bulls regions, is recorded. The lowest total of the players for each round must drink. For the next round the totals are reset to 0, and the process is repeated. The drinking game goes up to 9 rounds.

There is no bounce out function for this game since the game play is short, and the game is meant more for fun, then skill. In case the scores are tied, the last player to throw drinks based on the fact that he knew what he needed to throw to surpass the lowest player and did not.

The picture below shows the drinking game with 2 players. 2 rounds have already been played, and player 1 is currently throwing for the 3rd round. In the 1st round player 2 had the lower score and had to drink. In the 2nd round player 1 scored lower and had to drink.