"Our project implements the game, Reversi, on TV with a smart artificial intelligence and a host of other features!"

It's our childhood game. We were so excited when we found out that we can actually build it for our 476 final project. We looked at the websites for various design of the game setup and the algorithm. Both my partner and I actually played for a few hours on the site before deciding on the project!

The design of our final project combines knowledge from previous labs on television display with C program that facilitates the Atmel ATmega32 microcontroller (MCU) to extract input signals from the controllers, provide artificial intelligence for the single-player mode, and to output the necessary graphics. We also built a Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC) using various diodes and resistors to interface the digital output from the MCU and the analog TV to create the sound effect. The running time of the code is particularly important in our final project as it is crucial to the synchronization of the TV signal. Two Sega Genesis controllers will be used to take in player inputs. The graphics of the game is outputted to the TV.

Figure 1. Title Screen of Our Reversi Game

Click Here to Download our Awesome Introduction Animation Video