Last updated: 5/13/03

The purpose of this project was to have a working TCP/IP protocol suite that would be reprogrammable, portable, and extensible, for future ECE 476 classes.

The end result of this project was to be several TCP/IP hosts running different processes and interacting with each other, and a web server that could be used to control physical devices from a website.

The original scope of this project was to port the entire TCP/IP suite to the Atmel ATMega32 microcontroller. However, personal obligations that arose this semester prohibited me from completing anywhere near that admittedly lofty goal. I believed that using the resources for two classes, I could complete twice as much work on the project and turn out a much more complex project than expected. I did not take into account, however, the unforseeable circumstances that would distract much of my time for the month of April.

As of this writing the project is incomplete. I still plan to finish this project; as progress continues, I will make updates to this page. Click here for my most up-to-date site.