The results of this project can best be described above. We successfully created EVA out of all the hardware described in the hardware section. Though she looks more like a robot, but she has the characteristics and stubbornness of a pet.


After intense testing and debugging, we finally managed to get EVA to function as she was supposed to. Under normal conditions, when EVA is not hungry, nor urgent to go to the toilet nor sick, when a user presses either the play or tickle button sufficiently, she will become either happy or excited. In either of those states, EVA’s health and discipline will rise depending on the amount of time she spends in those 2 states. However if the user spanks EVA (for no reason), she will become angry. But if EVA is being naughty and the user spanks her, EVA’s discipline will rise. If the user feeds her, brings her to the toilet or gives her medicine, EVA will become bored.


When EVA becomes hungry, she needs to be fed soon or she will starve and her health will decline. The same applies for her need to go to the toilet. When EVA is sick, if the user does not attend to her sickness for a prolonged period of time, EVA’s health will drop too. For every instant that the user attends to EVA’s needs timely (i.e. before she starves or excretes randomly), EVA’s health will increase too.


However, not all mood changes are caused by human interactions. In any mood, EVA may drop to a lousier mood if unattended for too long. She may also decide to become naughty if the user ignores her.


EVA will play specific songs depending on the mood she is currently in. She will also execute different range of motions under different moods. User’s interactions with EVA are clearly displayed on the LCD screen, while her response can be seen by both her ‘face’ on the screen and words on the top.


All in all, EVA responds to any user like a pet would respond to its owner. She has her temperaments and needs and if the user fails to fulfill his responsibility to EVA, she will eventually pass away.