Our final design project was to develop the game of Duck Hunter using the original Nintendo light Zapper gun.


We wanted to make our game very similar to the original Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which required us to make the game on a television screen.  The game options are similar, giving you a choice of one duck or two, as well as a choice of 3 difficulty levels.  For simplicity reasons, the only controller necessary for game play is the light gun. 


The reason for choosing Duck Hunter for our final project was three fold.  First, we wanted to answer the question that every kid and young-at-heart adult asked themselves back in the ‘80s: How does that Nintendo Zapper Gun work?!  The other reason for selecting this was because we wanted to provide ourselves with the challenge of making a game on par with Duck Hunt.  Lastly, we did it ‘cause it’s fun, and we like people saying, “Wow, they did Duck Hunt, that’s AWESOME!!”