Cantneroid meets the specifications that we initially setup. We have successfully implemented 3 levels of the game with no flicker on the television at any point. Furthermore, the game is very accurate in terms of the ball bouncing since the ball actually hits all the walls since we check the hit condition and then move the ball. Therefore, we don't actually stop short of any walls, bricks, or the paddle. The only case where this is not true is on the very ends of the paddle - because of the fact that we designed the paddle for aesthetics and have extra 'knobs' at each end. Here, we bounce off of the knobs as if they were at the top level of the paddle.

The game is very usable by various players. Although we hard code in how many lives a player begins with, it can be variable by changing two lines of code. Also, the game returns to the beginning when a player both dies/wins the game, so that the game doesn't have to be manually reset.