If you are a music buff, then our sheet music generator will be the answer to your dreams.  You plug in the instrument of your choice and as you play the keys our system will create the sheet music that attests to your musical genius.  Although there are similar systems on the market, they are extremely expensive and difficult to set up.  Our system has the advantages of affordability and ease of use.


The sheet music generator operates as follows.  The user plugs a keyboard into the midi cable attached to our circuit.  Then he or she can then play the instrument which prompts the sheet music generator to draw the notes played on the TV screen.  Once the three staffs displayed on the screen at one time are filled, the sheet is automatically scrolled, allowing the user to compose music indefinitely.  As each individual screen is filled, i.e. the three staffs are filled, the user presses button D on the keypad provided to send the sheet music to the PC for storage and printing.  If the user wishes to start a new piece of sheet music, he can press button # on the keypad and a new document will start. 


The sheet music generator system consists of a simple circuit that inputs the midi signals from the instrument to the microcontroller.  These midi signals are processed and the firmware performs note drawing routines on the TV.   As the user composes music, she can interact with the system through a keypad and a GUI which allows the user to send the sheet music to the PC, save it as a bitmap, and print it.