Appendix D: Specific Tasks

We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Professor Bruce Land for his help and support not only on this project but throughout the semester. We would also like to thank Paul Grzymkowski, Andre Kozaczka, and Sean Keller, the teaching assistants who were so patient with us and were always willing to lend a helping hand. Now on with the specific tasks... a short description of who did what.

Oren finalized the various versions of the code we were using. He converted the floating point operations which took far too long, to fixed point ones. He also was in charge of interfacing the LCD to the MCU.

Matthew built the initial amplification circuits that were eventually abandoned when we switched to the digital level design. He interfaced the LEDs and switches with the MCU and wrote a few of the many drafts of code written for the project.

Both Oren and Matthew worked on the software quite extensively. They spent many long hours debugging/interpreting the output of the accelerometers and figuring out how to get useful output from them. They also spent many hours figuring out the best way to convey useful information to the user and how to make the system more user friendly.

Finally, we divided up the sections of this website and generated the content in parallel. See if you can figure out who wrote what based on the writing styles. Contact us for the answers:

Matthew DeLio
Oren Benjamin Yeshua