Connect Four on the Tee-Vee

Matt Kenney (mk333)


Patric Lowe (pcl7)


Hello there!  We developed a game to play Connect 4 (for either one or two players) hooked up through a TV's video input, using only a simple keypad.  The premise of the game is simple: drop your pieces so you get four in a row in either the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal directions.  For the one player mode we incorporated a complex AI scheme to make the game more challenging.  There is a wide range of functionality that let's you pick how many players are playing and how difficult you want the computer to play.  We also added sound and the original music from the commercials.  To raise the stakes during one person game play the computer taunts the player. 


**If anybody created any graphics used on this page and would like them removed let us know.