ECE-476 Final Project: Arkanoid on TV
by Richard Ballantyne and David Frankford


Our project uses the Atmega32 to create a video game similar to the popular arcade game, Arkanoid.

The idea for this project developed from David remembering how much he enjoyed playing a game for the Apple II computer known as "Little Brick Out", which was another version of the arcade game, Arkanoid by Taito. Some screenshots of the original game Arkanoid are shown below. This game involves a set of blocks that appear on one side of the computer screen and a sliding platform controlled by the player on the other side. Whenever the ball hits one of the blocks, the block disappears. The main idea of the game is to keep a bouncing ball in play by moving the platform to hit the ball whenever the ball comes toward that side of the screen. The goal is to destroy all of the blocks without missing the ball too many times. For our project, we programmed this game on an Atmega32 and then built a stand-alone version of the game that can be played on any television set with a composite video input.

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