TAP THE DANCE    Para Para

ECE 476 Final Project --  Spring 2003


  Some of the improvements are:
  • More sophisticated sound system instead of just simple sine wave melodies:  Unfortunately, the sound track of our game currently are homophonic due to the limitation of the hardware.  A sound chip (Yamaha Synthesizer, MIDI, etc.) which allows polyphonic audio will allow us to program better songs to resemble the songs which we used in the games.  This will also enhances the gaming experience of the player.  In addition, if we have more memory on the sound board, we will be able to store more complicated songs which can enhance the variations and difficulties of the songs.


  • Real dancing mat:  We currently use keypad buttons as our gaming controls.  However, our game will be improved if we can use real dancing mat that are sold in the market.  This will not only improve the complexity of the appearance of our game, this will actually improve the gaming experience because the player can really "dance" on the mat.


  • Portable version?  One downside of our game is that we need to use the A/C power supply and also the STK 500 and STK 200 board to play the game.  If we can add portable power supply to the programming board, then players can bring the game around to play as long as a TV with video and audio input is available.

  • Better Game Termination Scheme:  The game terminates when the whole song is played and when all the arrows are shown.  However, if given more time, we would like to implement another game termination scheme - the game terminates when the player miss too many arrows in the course of the game. 

  • Better Game Termination Scheme:  Keypad polling take place every 33msec.  However, the average human reaction time is between 100-200msec.  Thus, the keypad polling time may induce a large error.  However, since we are working on TV, we are restricted against using interrupt as our keypad polling device.  Thus, if given more time, we would like to work on getting interrupt to work on keypad polling while remains in sync with the video pulse.

  • Multiplayer:  It will be more fun if two players can play at the same time.