We obtained our (Analog Devices) ADXL250JQC accelerometer for free, as a demo.  We used an ATMEL ATMEGA32 microcontroller unit, and an STK500 development board.  The microcontroller cost us $8, and the circuitboard was "free." The protoboard cost $5.

We used our own golf putter and ball, and the rest of the components were found around the lab (for "free").  

We used wires, electrical tape, duct tape, whiteout, resistors, the lab TV, solder, Styrofoam padding, and a Gatorade cap.

Thus, our total cost was: $13.  








The datasheet our MCU, the Atmel Mega32, can be found at:

NTSC TV Code used from Professor Land can be found at:
and at

The IEEE code of ethics:

The datasheet for the Atmel ADXL250 accelerometer: