Source Code


System Configuration


LCD Connections to MCU through STK500

DataFlash and Push Button Connections


Part Listings - Cost Details


Quantity Part Number Cost
Atmel Mega32 1   $8.00
Atmel AT45D021A DataFlash 1   $0.00
(located on STK500 board)
Seiko G321D Monochrome 320X200 LCD 1   $25.00
Bread Board 1   $2.50
24V Power Supply 1   $0.00
20k ohm resistor 1   $0.00
10 k ohm potentiometer 1   $0.00
20 pin header 1   $0.00
Wire 1 yard   $0.00
GPS Simulator 1   $0.00, for 1st 50 messages
GPS Receiver Module(optional) 1   $32.00
Splurge Total     $65.00
Actual Total     $33.00

Specific Task

Specific Tasks Project Partner
Modified LCD Driver Shirlyn
LCD Hardware Connections Shirlyn
UART ISR Shirlyn
GPS Message Processing Shirlyn
SVG to Vectors Chethan
Map Data to Pixels Chethan
Map Scaling and Rendering Chethan
Vector to DataFlash Storage Chethan
Modified Video Code to draw points and lines Chethan
GPS coordinates to Pixels Formula Chethan and Shirlyn
User Interface Chethan
Latitude and Longitude acquision Chethan and Shirlyn
Project Webpage Shirlyn