Our final project met all of our expectations:

•  We had 4 different types of guys that could be placed on the screen, with each causing different effects when being shot or not shot

•  If up to 9 guys were placed on the screen simultaneously, our program could be able to detect which one was actually being shot at

•  A nice looking 9 button placer, and a 4 button selector which would be able to place different types of guys at different locations on the screen

•  A sleek looking reload foot pedal that would reload the gun when stepped on, and if there were no more bullets, the gun would not be able to shoot

•  A totally self contained game that did not require any external equipment except for a power source and a TV

•  Amusing and interesting music for the intro, different sounds being played during the course of the game, and ending sounds.

•  Animated introduction scene

•  Interesting looking graphics

•  And most importantly: a game with no bugs, that was interesting and exciting to play by setting the optimum health and time limit for either player to win the game


Although we met all of our expectations, there is always room for improvement. If we were to do this project again, we would try to further improve our graphics for the guys being placed and the graphics for the intro and game over scenes. Graphics plays an important role in video games, and better graphics automatically upgrades the quality of the game. A unique song could also be composed to further capture the attention of the players. We would also try to think of an efficient way to handle/organize all the wires that we have with our game, to make the everything more user friendly.


Applicable Standards:

Our game conformed to the National Television System Committee, NTSC standards. Our project also conforms to the RS-170 standard so the game can be displayed on a TV. Everything that needs to be drawn is also done within the refresh rate of the TV, so there is no jitter/distortion during the process of the game.



Intellectual Property:

Professor Bruce Land's video code from lab 4 was used as the basic video generation code for our project. Nintendo's Duck Hunt gun was also used as a piece of hardware, but our game, as far as we know, is totally different from any Nintendo shooting game ever created. We also used the pinouts for the Nintendo Gun from the DuckHunter video game (previous 476 project), and a reference to their page can be found in the appendix. There is a possibility of patenting our project, but with all the emphasis on 3-D graphics nowadays, and all the complicated games on the market, our game would not be competitive over a long period of time.


Ethical Considerations:

1. to accept responsibility in making engineering decisions consistent with the safety, health and welfare of the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might endanger the public or the environment;

We have tried to eliminate all the possible sources of injury that could be caused by our game by making sure there are no sharp edges/parts that could come in contact with the users. Safety has also been discussed in this report, and we have informed users about potential safety concerns to our project so accidents could be avoided.



2. to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and to disclose them to affected parties when they do exist;

There were no conflicts during the course of this project as we were polite and respectful to all our classmates, TAs, and Professor Land . Moreover, our partnership in the project was very open, and we discussed everything honestly, so no conflicts ever built up.


3. to be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data;

All the material written in this report is true, and there are no false claims.

4. to reject bribery in all its forms;
No bribes of any sort were offered to us at any stage of the final project, and even if there were, we would not have accepted it.

5. to improve the understanding of technology, its appropriate application, and potential consequences;

We have learned about the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun- something that we were always curious about since a young age. Moreover, we learned a lot about video generation, the TV, soldering, and the steps to create a fun and playable video game.

6. to maintain and improve our technical competence and to undertake technological tasks for others only if qualified by training or experience, or after full disclosure of pertinent limitations;

Throughout the course, we have learned a lot about microcontrollers, programming, and debugging. Our knowledge on filter circuits, amplifier circuits, and circuits in general were also refreshed/ sharpened during the whole semester.

7. to seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of technical work, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others;

During the testing stages of our project, we often let other classmates play with our game, and we would ask for their feedback so a variety of opinions could be obtained. Our TA Steve Keiper, Professor Land , along with other TA's also helped us and gave advice to us during various stages of the project and we would like to thank them for that.

8. to treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin;

Cornell is a university with students from all over the world, and we treated everyone without bias, just like how we were treated.

9. to avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action;

No one was injured during the course of the final project, and we treated all the equipment that we used with great care. A serious attitude and high level of concentration was always maintained during lab times.

10. to assist colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics.

If any ECE 476 student wants to know more about any hardware/software aspect of our project, we are more than happy to offer what we know, and we hope that every student will follow the code of ethics.



Legal Considerations:

There were no legal considerations that need to be addressed in this project.