The purpose of the placer/manmaker is to place a variety of figures on the screen so the shooter will not be able to shoot the figures in time, or to shoot stuff that they are not supposed to. 4 different figures can be placed on the screen to cause confusion. The 9 button placer is used to place the characters on screen, and the location of the buttons correspond to where the character will be placed on the TV screen. The 4 button selector will be used to select the type of character to be placed. Press the type of character before pressing the 9 button placer. The left most button is the normal guy, the second left most button is the bomb, the third left most button is the samurai guy, and the rightmost button is the headless superman.

The purpose of the shooter is to last through the time at the bottom right of the screen without running out of health. The shooter has only a 6 bullet gun, and the gun can be reloaded by stepping on the footpedal.

The 4 different types of guys are shown below:

This is a normal guy, and only 1 shot is required to take it out. But if not killed in 5 seconds, he will jump and the shooter will lose 1 health.


This is a bomb. If it is shot, it explodes and the opposing player loses one health. It will disappear in 5 seconds and there is no penalty in health if not shot.


This is the samurai guy. He dies in one shot, but when he has his dual swords up, do not shoot him! You will lose one health if you shoot him while he has his swords up. The samurai guy leaves after 6 seconds, and if not shot within seconds, one health is also lost.


This is the headless superman. Requires 3 shots to take him out, that's why he's called superman. But superman can be nice too, and if killed, the shooter will be awarded one health. Superman flies away in 8 seconds, and the shooter loses one health if superman is allowed to fly away.