Our project is a highly entertaining video game testing reaction and creativity which uses the hardware and some concepts of the classic games Whack the Mole, Time Crisis, and Duck Hunt.




Our initial idea was to replicate an arcade like whack-the-mole game, but as we started on the project, we decided to make a more exciting and fun two player game instead.

Our final project is a two player video game where one player places different types of figures on the screen while the other player tries to shoot them depending on the type of figure. The player placing different types of characters on the screen, which we will call player A, will have a 9 square grid with buttons to determine the location, and another 4 button pad to place 4 different types of characters on screen. The player trying to shoot the characters, which we will call player B, will have a gun with limited number of bullets, which can be reloaded by stepping on the foot-pedal. Every time a character is placed on screen, it will move around, and stay within that square box for a limited amount of time. If time is up, and the character is not shot, the player B will lose a part of their life bar on the screen. The purpose of the game is for player A to put different types of characters in different locations on the screen to confuse player B, and make them lose their whole life bar. Player B's purpose is to survive the game for a certain set period of time.