Speed of Execution

There was no hesitation, flicker or jitter of the images as far as we could tell. There was also no problem with the concurrency of the moving images or the 3 controllers. However, when playing in the AI mode, players might notice a slight pause when the Nobbins attempt to reverse their directions. This was intentional and is explained in the AI algorithm description.


The video signal timing seemed to be problem-free. When drawing the map for the first time, and when drawing the Game End splash screen, we split the drawing into a few frames because we needed more time. However, all the In-Game code could run in just one frame without any issues.

Occasionally, players may feel as if the Digger or Nobbin is not moving even though the direction pad has been pressed. This occurs because it is very easy to press two adjacent direction buttons simultaneously on the pad (e.g. up and left), due to the design of the pad. To avoid unexpected movements, we set all such erroneous presses to evaluate to a stationary direction.

Also, the player may find that the Digger or Nobbin occasionally moves left/right a short distance when the up/down button is pressed, before actually moving left/right, and vice versa. This occurs because the Digger and Nobbins are only allowed to switch directions from vertical to horizontal and vice versa and byte boundaries. This feature actually makes it easier to turn the Digger or Nobbins in such a way, and is also a feature of the original game.  


Other than the ability of television images to cause seizures in some people, our project is safe. In this vein, we followed the standard television refresh frequency (60 Hz) and had no flickering or flashing effects. Hence, we believe the risk of seizures is minimized.

When testing the GSR, we made sure to isolate ourselves from the power supply. Hence, we minimized any risk to ourselves as well, at this stage.  


Our project generated no interference whatsoever with other projects.  


Our project is usable by anyone who has the ability to hold a controller and manipulate the direction pad and buttons with the thumbs. The player must also be able to perceive the images on the screen. Beyond that, there are no other physical requirements for the project. Hence, the project is accessible to most people. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to include features for the disabled.

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